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For those of you who still follow this blog, I have a Language Partner update :) The good news is that we still keep in touch and he’s getting married in September! The bad news is that I can’t go :(

This was what happened when I told him I wanted to mail his present and if it would be alright to send it to his company address (where we usually send postcards and stuff to and from each other because,  as he says, it is safer and more reliable than sending to/from his home address, but which I think is a bunch of BS and he just wants to show off in front of his co-workers that he gets mail from the US hahaha).

Even after all this time, my heart still flops in my chest <3

It is now 8 months since I left Korea and returned stateside. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and unexpected life turns since I’ve left Seoul—all of which have no business on this blog—but one thing remains the same.

I still love Seoul.

I think about the life and people I left behind quite often, and sometimes I miss being there so much I physically ache. Seoul, and Korea in general, is so amazing and I’m so glad to have lived there.

That being said, since this is a Seoul/Korea based blog, and I am no longer there, I don’t expect to update heartmindnseoul any further. I do want to leave it here as a relic for my time there and maybe as inspiration for those with a mind for travel. 

Thank you to all for supporting this blog, and who knows, maybe I’ll find myself back in the land of the morning calm once again with new stories to share. Until then, be well <3


61 years ago in Seoul.

Seoul in 1952

Check the Designers Party Facebook page for more old pictures of Korea. https://www.facebook.com/designersparty

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It has been three days since I have returned home from my two-year stint and I just wanted to share a few things:
1) jet lag is no joke and quietly entertaining while everyone else is asleep is lonely and depressing
2) I forgot my ID when I went to a bar because who gets carded in Korea?
3) My body is pretty much rejecting all of the food over here. It doesnt matter what it is, I will pay for it later.
4) I dont have a single friend here who is single. Also, I was just asked to be a bridesmaid in yet another wedding on the same night I was celebrating my homecoming + birthday. really? 
5) It is really really hard to talk about your life in Korea.
6) I randomly burst into tears through out the day over silly silly things.

Welcome home.

Back in Korea for about 24 hours, then the long journey home again.

Just arrived in Seoul and it is a trip already.

Get ready.

Not as prepared for this trip as I thought. I had a mini breakdown this morning and started sobbing at the ticket counter at the airport because of frustrastion and an overwhelming need to get back to Korea.

I am so stupid.

안녕! Still here in Thailand, but back in Seoul on Wednesday:)

Currently in Chiang Mai and loving it here. Such a beautiful place and, personally, much preferred over Bangkok. Flying to Phuket to do some island hopping tomorow.

But… this blog is supposed to be about my life in Korea, not my vacation.

When I first left Korea for this trip, and even now when I talk to people, I often use the present tense to describe my life in Seoul. This was particularly true when filling out all those forms for immigration.

What is my occupation? Well, I am a teacher of course.

Where do I live? Easy, I live in Seoul.

Where did you come from? Korea! South, not North!

It was difficult, and still is, to think and accept that its all over. That waiting back for me in Korea are two large suitcases and little else. Someone new lives in my apartment now. Someone else sits at my desk and does my job. Someone else has the great gift of teaching my students.

Somehow life has continued on in Seoul, and probably quite well, without me. As if I didnt just have this life altering experience of two years.

It will be interesting to go back to Seoul after vacation (I fly back to the USA via Incheon) for those few days before really leaving Korea behind. I wonder about what my post-korea, post-vacation eyes will see in the place I once called home. What will my feelings be like then?

This reverse-culture shock is messing with me and I dont like it one bit!!!

Angkok Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Having a wonderful time!^^

At Incheon now and waiting for my flight to board. Second time is the charm as I am finally heading to South East Asia for the next 3 weeks!

On another note, I just surrendered my ARC. Your ARC is your identity and I just gave up my existence in Korea.

I feel strange.